Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)


The Medical Reserve Corps is a volunteer organization of healthcare professionals and others who help meet medical needs in times of disasters or public health crisis. The mission of the MRC is to improve the health and safety of our community by training and organizing public health, medical and other volunteers to be part of our local government disaster response and relief efforts.

During past disasters, we have:

  • staffed medical special needs shelters after hurricanes,
  • helped deliver Meals on Wheels to medically fragile elderly and provided a quick health
     check to make sure that they had all the resources required to meet their medical
  • augmented hospital and clinic staff, and
  • provided assistance at City of Houston and Harris County hurricane shelters.

Other MRC non-disaster activities have included participating in a one-day free clinic at Reliant Center, providing clinical support to the National Kidney Foundation’s free kidney screenings and providing over 100 non-clinical volunteers for the City of Houston’s H1N1 flu vaccination clinics.

What are the benefits of joining?

Volunteers are part of the region’s disaster response and have the opportunity to help meet urgent medical needs of those affected by disasters in our region. Volunteers that help staff Points of Distribution (PODs) in the event of a biological event will be able to get medication for themselves and their families before the PODs are opened to the general public. We offer CEUs for some of our trainings each year, usually at no charge. Volunteers will also be trained in disaster preparedness and have access to resources to help them develop preparedness plans for their households and businesses.