Activity Journal Guidelines

Follow these 7 steps to access your member profile and log volunteer hours 

Step 1

 From any page on the Harris County Citizen Corps web site, click the navigation button entitled “Members” 

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Step 2

Clicking the Member Login button brings you to the member login page. Enter your email address and the password you created when you joined HCCC online. Click the submit button.

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Step 3

If you successfully entered your login credentials, you should see a page similar to the

one below. This page is a recap of your contact information, and serves as a point where you can edit this information. Note the links at the top of the page. The focus of this document is about using the Activity Journal link. Click the link entitled “Activity Journal.”


Step 4

Clicking the link should display a page entitled “Your Activity Journal.” . In this example, John Public is going to add some time that he volunteered recently. He’ll complete the boxes in the blue-shaded area (in particular, the ones designated with a red asterisk (*), and then decide if he needs to make another entry after submitting this one. In this example, this will be the only entry he will make in his Activity Journal while at his computer. He clicks the Submit button.


Step 5

At this point, his entry has been recorded into the database. Afterwards, the web page will redirect the browser to a page that shows the entry. If John had selected the option to make more than one journal entry, the program would automatically return him to the page to make that next entry. From this point you can make another journal entry (if you so desire), edit a particular journal entry, or make any other changes to your profile.


Step 6

Clicking the “Edit Journal Entry” link for a journal entry allows you to make corrections on any of the information you made originally for this event, including the date and the time you volunteered.


Step 7

Clicking the submit button enters the changes, and the resulting web page appears