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HCSO Crime Prevention Educational Programs

The following programs/presentations are available to residents of Harris County. To schedule a program/presentation please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 713-759-9454. Please schedule with plenty advance notice and allot approximately 1 hour for the presentation. Other program lengths may be tailored for specific audiences.

Personal Safety Programs:

R.A.D. “Rape Aggression Defense” (15 hours):
A comprehensive course for women including awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, as well as hands-on defense training. Tell security if you see any suspicious persons and/or activities.

Home Safety and Security

Identity Theft (1-2 hours):
This program will advise you of the risk of identity theft and educate you with tools and resources to lower your risks of becoming a victim.

Internet Safety/Cyber Crimes (1-2 hours):
Education and awareness about ID theft, internet safety, reporting cyber-crimes, and precautions that can be taken for a safe online environment.

Home Inspectional (1-2 hours):
Onsite inspection of doors, windows and locks.


Children's Programs:

G.I.S.M.O. (1-2 hours):

G.I.S.M.O is a life-sized interactive robot used as a teaching tool for children safety education.

Dine with a Deputy:
A deputy will visit the school during the children’s lunch hour. This allows elementary school children to become familiar with and become at ease with law enforcement.

L.E.O. “Law Enforcement Officer’s Custom I.D. Kit”:
Inkless child fingerprinting system that provides a picture I.D that can be used in the event a child goes missing.

Latch a Key Kids:
Safety techniques and basic survival tips are taught to children who must come to an empty house or a home without an adult present.

Citizen's Police Academy:

The Citizen’s Police Academy is a thirteen (13) week program designed to give the participants a working knowledge of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Through this program, citizens gain a better understanding of law enforcement and see “how and why" deputies arrive at some of the decisions made in the course of their duties.

Senior Safety Programs:

Personal Safety (1-2 hours):

A discussion on personal safety while at home or out and about, as well as a discussion on scams, con-artists identity theft, and more.

Frauds & Scams (1-2 hours):

A course on learning to identify the different types of frauds and scams so that you can lower your risk of falling victim to these con-artists and their schemes.

ID Theft (1-2 hours):

An in-depth discussion regarding how criminals may steal your identity, ruin your good credit, and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness (1-2 hours):

Additional Programs:

Fatal Vision Goggles (1-2 hours):
A hands-on prevention tool used to educate people about the consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse. Fatal Vision Goggles allows the wearer to experience a realistic simulation of impairment.

S.ID.N.E. “Simulated Impaired Driving Experience” (4-5 hours):
Go-cart used in a controlled environment to stimulate the effects of impaired driving. Participants must be at least 16 years of age, have a learners permit or driver’s license to participate.

Dog Walker Watch (1-2 hours):
Dog Walker Watch (DWW) is a crime awareness program sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch (NATW) that encourages dog walkers nationwide to serve as “extra eyes and ears” for local law enforcement agencies. Dog Walker Watch trains these individuals on how to effectively observe and report criminal activity.

Coffee with a Cop (1-2 hours):
Coffee with a cop is an opportunity for the public to meet with officers in a comfortable environment and talk about any subject from crime trends, neighborhood nuisance issues, public safety management, and how to join our team. You bring the questions, talk with an officer, and get a free cup of coffee.

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