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Salvation Army

The evangelical part of the universal Christian Church, The Salvation Army provides local, regional, and national disaster services programs. Whether it is a local incident or a major disaster, Salvation Army staff and volunteers are often the first on the scene and the last to depart...honoring a century-old commitment to serve those in need, at the time of the need, and at the place of need.

The red shield continues to be a beacon of compassion, immediate aid, psychological support, and spiritual counsel to individuals and families whose lives have been disrupted or shattered by forces beyond their control.

Salvation Army disaster response teams, coordinated, and directed by commissioned officers along with trained personnel and supported by volunteers, are “on call”. They serve at all disasters and civil disorders which place a community or its populace at risk or which may disrupt or destroy family security and well-being.

Initial Response

  • Spiritual Ministry: The Salvation Army provides counseling to victims, the injured and distressed, comforts the bereaved, and conducts funeral and memorial services for victims and volunteers.

  • Counseling: The Salvation Army provides trauma counseling and emotional support.

  • Mobile Feeding: Where needed, Salvation Army mobile feeding units serve hot meals to victims and relief personnel on site.

  • Congregate Feeding: Salvation Army facilities and other sites are used for preparation and service of meals to victims and relief personnel.

  • Financial Assistance: The Salvation Army provides financial grants for victims who demonstrate immediate needs. Repayments of grants are not sought or required.

  • Shelter: The Salvation Army establishes and maintains shelter in Salvation Army facilities or other sites.

  • Distribution Depot: The Salvation Army elects to purchase and distribute basic commodities not readily available at the time of need. These may include food, water, sanitary products, baby supplies, medicines, bedding and other items for which an immediate need exists.

Long-Term Recovery

  • Reconstruction: In a major disaster, The Salvation Army may accept responsibility to coordinate or assist with reconstruction efforts by establishing depots for distribution of donated building supplies and a financial office. Reconstruction support can also include child-care centers, educational and after school programs, recreation, leisure activities, individual/family counseling, and other support programs.

  • Other Support: The Salvation Army often provides other support such as temporary membership in our Boys and Girls Clubs and Senior Programs.

  • Service to Volunteers: The Salvation Army recruits, trains, and utilizes volunteers. Pre-registered volunteers may be provided with housing, meals, vouchers, and support services including transportation, if necessary and available.

  • Advocacy: The Salvation Army assigns certified social workers, human services aids and officers to provide a professional level of assistance including advocacy and referral, and private and public assistance programs.


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